About Us

Brothers E. Loukidis General Partnership & Co operates in printing packaging materials for the food industry. Its main business is the production of paper bags for food packaging and the   processing – printing of packaging paper.

Our customers are bakeries, fast food restaurants, grill houses, patisseries, supermarkets, butcher’s shops, flour mills, hotels, pie shops, greengroceries, dry cleaners and every business using or selling packaging materials.

At the same time, we have created a department for the promotion of products directly linked to the advertisement and promotion of our customers. Some of these products are: paper sacks with brand names (flour, sugar, carbon), plastic bags, paper towels, boxes, glasses etc.

The constructive and close cooperation with our clients helps us to always find the best solution for every possible matter. The packaging products are available in a wide range, while we constantly renew and improve them with the help of advanced technology in their production process.
Our know-how, our tendency to improve constantly and our professionalism have won your preference and have placed us among the best companies of the sector. We continue to meet your needs and to focus on advancement with the production of high-quality products and services, such as:

•        The use of quality materials
•        The high quality printing of packaging materials
•        The creation of mock-ups
•        The creation of blueprints – drafts by specialized personnel
34 years of history
Eustathios Loukidis founded in 1980 a small business in Makrochori Veroias with the purpose of producing packaging paper.
The constant struggle, perseverance and patience formed the recipe which helped establish the company in the printing sector.

In 1992 it moved to its own premises, where it remains up to the present.

In 1998 with the entrance of the second generation into the business, it proceeded to the installation of a production line for the manufacture of paper bags.

2005 was a milestone for the company: it was the year it acquired the second ultramodern production line for paper bags and launched new products (paper bags with a window for packaging bread) and improved the existing ones with the purpose of covering the needs of every one of its customers.

Finally, in 2008 the company adopted a new investment program of renewal and reinforcement of its mechanical equipment in order to cover the ever increasing needs of its customers.

Our Philosophy
Our basic principle and commitment at Brothers E. Loukidis General Partnership & Co, but also that of every member of our management and personnel, is to provide our customers with products that fully cover their contractual needs and achieve the quality goals set by the company for every project it undertakes.

It invests in the continuous training, information and education of its personnel, in order to help them improve the quality of its products and the services to all its customers.

By adopting the principle of constant improvement, Brothers E. Loukidis General Partnership & Co. invests in people and respects the customers.